I’m very sorry that I haven’t written in a little while. I would say I’ve been busy, or that I haven’t had time but that would be a lie. Yes, I have been a little busy but I’ve had plenty of time to post. So I’m sorry. I’m a procrastinatior, I know it’s a bad thing


I’m trying to improve. =)

     Anyway,  I had a swim meet on Saturday. It was a lot of fun I almost got first place in the back-stroke but two people beat me by about 3-5 milliseconds. And I also got disqualified on my breast-stoke. =( My goal for my next swim meet is not to get DQ.

     So for my birthday I usually get $10 from my grandma Amy. But this year I didn’t get anything in the mail. I just gave up until my mom called me upstairs and said she had another birthday present for me. When I went on a family reunion/vacation/eightieth birthday for my grandma my grandma gave my mom something to give me for my birthday. Anyway, it was a 1970 bone glass tea-cup and plate. It’s from England and had July on the inside of the cup with flowers on the cup and the plate. Its beautiful and I also got $10 from her. So here I am procrastinating. I have to write my grandmother a tank you note.

      Yesterday I had lots of fun with my mom. We went shopping everywhere! We went to 3 clothes stores, Joanns, ACMoore, Wal-Mart, Sams club and Chick fille’. Chick fille was HEAVEN! I spent my $50 dollars that my brother gave me on 3 scrapbooks, scrapbook stickers, 2 $10 iTunes gift cards and I have $5 left over. I love spending money when I know I can, don’t you? Well I better not procrastinate any longer so goodbye!

Thanks for reading!!


Alicia Dunk