Sorry about being gone so long, it’s funny how I just put out that post about me not procrastinating anymore then I leave for a week. =) Sorry. Anyway I went to camp Joy El (in PA) for five days. (17th-22nd) I had a blast! I made a lot of friends and it was a lot of fun. And I’m sorry I didn’t have time to post something to tell you where or when I was going so sorry. Again…

Anyhoo! So I got on my blog yesterday and now I have 21 views!!!! I’m so happy and thank you for reading, even though I’ve probably been boring you I still thank you. Anyway, my last swim meet was on Saturday. (23rd) It was very tiring. I got disqualified in the breaststroke. =( for the second time. That’s actually really sad I’ve only swam the breaststroke three times in a meet, and only once I haven’t been disqualified.

If you want to know more about the camp I went to, it’s a great christian camp, here’s the link:


It’s a lot of fun and a great way to get connected with god.  Well I don’t have a lot to say so have a great day bye!

Thanks for reading!!


Alicia Dunk =)