What is a good friend?

These are the top qualities that I think a good friend/best friend should have:

#1: Is a lot of fun to be around.

#2: Is willing to go places with you and hang out.

#3: A good friend listens.

#4: A good friend respects you and your opinion.

#5: A good friend should be able to be kind towards your family and you.

#6: A good friend needs to have compassion.

#7: A good friend laughs with you, and cries.

#8: They are supportive.

#9: They have things in common with you.

#10: They give advice, but are not controlling.

#11: A good friend considers your feelings.

#12: A good friend will always help you in your time of need.

#13: A good friend is never truly gone.

#14: A good friends is willing to do what you want to do.

#15: A good friend can keep a secret, and knows when to tell someone.

#16: A good friend can talk with you for hours.

#17: A good friend picks you up when you are down.

#18: A good friend knows when something is wrong.

#19: A good friend can always make you smile.

#20: And if they have all of these qualities or even just some, you can now know they are a true friend. Don’t lost them…



Alicia Dunk =)