Hello again!

I can not believe that school starts up in less than two weeks. (scary…) I hope that everyone has made good memories this summer. On Saturday August 6th my mom dad and I went to Baltimore Maryland at 6:00am. My mom had a workshop for an exam she is going to take so we decided to come with her. (112 miles, round trip) My dad and I dropped my mom off at 7:00ish and we went to go park in a parking garage. Then for two hours we wandered around the inner harbor naming pigeons as we went along. We witnessed a wedding on Federal Hill. (small only about 10 people), after 9:00am we went to the national Baltimore aquarium. it was their 30th anniversary. I love fish it was a lot of fun. I’m not sure my dad enjoyed it as much as I did but I think he had some fun…

After wandering around and having ‘fun’ we went to go pick up my mom at 5:00pm. Our GPS died on the way there and my dad and I got very frustrated. ok mostly my dad. but thank god we didn’t get lost, I don’t think my mom, dad or I could endure that. Then we drove home exhausted and happy to go to our wonderful cozy home.

Sunday was a nice surprise. I opened my eyes at 7 am…everything hurt. From two hours and running up and down a basketball court on Friday and walking too much on saturday my body was in denial of getting up. So I rolled over and went back to sleep. The next time I woke up my clock read 9:35am. I didn’t think much of it until 5 seconds later when I realized what time it was. I got to church and we usually leave around 9:40ish. You do the math. I raced out of bed got dressed and combed my teeth, brushed my hair…wait a second. My mom was in Baltimore for the last day of her workshop and my brother was sick. (so remember when I was sick not to long ago? Well i got my brother sick…oops?) And we went out the door. Our church is at a school, our congregation is about 50-60 people on a good day. This particular Sunday the AC was not working. I was wearing (nice) jeans because I’m usually freezing. But not this Sunday. Hopefully it will be on by next Sunday.

And today I refused to go to basketball clinic at 10:30am. So I had a nice free day to relax and do whatever I wanted to. I’ve been cleaning, doing laundry, helping my mom, putting together a 1000 piece puzzle in my room and getting on the computer. And I’m sorry I don’t have any awesome pictures to show you from Baltimore but the thing is I have to upload them onto my computer and I don’t have an adapter thingy to plug into the computer and when you do upload pictures you have to upload them all. And I have A LOT of pictures on my camera. so just enjoy this wonderful picture that I found on the internet.

That’s the aquarium. So yeah…

Thanks for reading!


Alicia Dunk =)