If you call someone fat it won’t make you skinny.

  If you call someone stupid,

                                      it won’t make you smart.

If you call someone weak,   It won’t make you strong.           

If you tell someone they are out of style,

                                               it won’t make you stylish.

If you tell someone they are weird

                                       It won’t make you  normal.

If you tell someone their beliefs are stupid,

                                                      it won’t make your beliefs any better.

If you tell someone they can’t do anything, won’t help you accomplish anything.         

If you tell someone ugly,

                                                   It won’t make you beautiful.

     God made us EXACTLY the way we are supposed to be. He made every part of you the way he wanted it. The world looks at you and says ‘you’re ugly, you don’t belong,’ the world looks on the outside. God says, “you are my creation, you are beautiful.” God sees the inside, he’s sees your beauty.

     I know it can be hard, you want to be ‘perfect’, especially when the people around you are better than you, prettier than you, more athletic, etc. And just a few days ago i asked “God why couldn’t you just had made me perfect? Why do i have to be this way?” and he gave me an answer, if he made us ‘perfect’ or the best at everything, we would learn nothing. We wouldn’t know how to overcome, we wouldn’t have strength, when we would fall down we wouldn’t know how to get back up.

     Don’t listen to what the world says, they will always say you aren’t worth it, and put you down, but God looks at you and says that’s my child, and they are so beautiful.