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I’ve sometimes wondered, if my cats were humans what kind of people would they be? So I type before you today with my own answer.

Lets start with my oldest cat Cisco: (yes she’s named after the company, my dad used to work there until he was let go with about 2000 other people.)

This is Cisco. She’s about 9 years old. And this is what kind of person I think she would be like.

I think Cisco would be a very private person. Someone who enjoys their privacy and is very unsocial. Also I think she would be very self-sufficient, she doesn’t need much help with things. Or she can be afraid to ask for help. Maybe someone who is looking for the perfect one someone to hold her and support her. I would also think of her as someone who isn’t very cheerful, maybe someone who is in a tough place and has a hard time finding hope in the situation. I could also imagine her sitting on the beach watching the sunset. (she loves the sun.)

Second Oldest Evie: (She’s a Maine coon cat That’s why she’s so big)

Evie is about 7 years old. This is what I think she would be like:

Evie would probably be like a 16-year-old male teenager. Very unmotivated, likes to sleep a lot, and very lazy. But when she would get lonely she annoys the sardines out of someone. I think she would be a very insecure person,  is afraid to try new things, lives in fear, and is very comfortable in her own home doing nothing. Also I think she would be very unsocial, and doesn’t like being around people who much.

And last but not least Pepper:

Pepper is 3 years old. She practically walked into our house one day and we’ve kept her ever since.

Pepper would be very energetic, out to do anything, not afraid to try new things. She knows what buttons to press to get what she wants. I think she would be very stubborn, if she wants to do something, nothing gets in her way.And she would probably be annoying to some of the people around her. She ruins things , sometimes on purpose but usually not on purpose. But, I could imagine her have 3 very close friends who don’t care what she does they will anyways be her friend. And I think she would be a very impatient person that hates waiting.

And there you have it, all my cats in human form as annoying as ever. Hope you enjoyed it. here are some funny pictures of my cats:

And this my cat grace.  She was put down in 2008. She was sick and she lived all her life with hyperthyroidism. She was the best cat we’ve ever had and we miss her dearly. God let her rest in peace. (1994-2008)

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Alicia Dunk =)


I Love My Life

I Love My Life…

Such interesting four words.  Yet, most people choose, I hate my life…

So why don’t people love their life?

Just like I do?

Some things about me:

I live out in the country where its beautiful and there’s lush green grass, open fields, and some of the prettiest sunsets you’ve ever seen. I’m very lucky, both of my parents and alive and still married, I am home-schooled, I have Jesus in my heart, I have a house, a closet full of clothes, good friends, and my family loves me, I have a pretty good life, don’t you think?

So what is different from me saying ‘i love my life’ to people who say the opposite?

Theory: Maybe they don’t notice that their life isn’t as crummy as it may seem.

Solution: Look at what you do have, and look at what someone else who has less than you do… things will change. Probably true that someone has more than you but odds are there is someone who has 3 times less than you do.

Revolutionary? World changing? Don’t get too excited, there’s still people who think their life is crummy. You see these people obviously can’t look past what’s hard in their life or they are just down in the dumps.

To end this wonderful subject I am going to talk about two kinds people and you might fall into one of the categories. (yes you the good one)

#1: The ‘I’m feeling bad so you should too’ people: Lets call these people ‘gnats’

You know who I’m talking about, those people who always complain. When its hot they drag their feet crying out its hot, on every third step. Those people at work who don’t do something (like their job) and you know and they know that if you don’t fix it you will get in trouble. Those people who take every tiny opportunity to make your life miserable. In a word they are like gnats. They never go away and they go up your nose and in your eye then you can’t get them out and then after that one is out another one comes and smacks you right in the eye.

#2: The ‘What’s the use?’ people

Yes, you know these people too, you might even be one of them. they walk around asking what’s the point? Well if you need a point of doing something or you’re just too depressed to do something, you need to stay home. Cause there are people out there who are trying to live their lives to the fullest. they make you stay behind with them and you get to miss out on the fun. You don’t want to leave them behind, but you want to have some fun too. But they won’t budge. These people look at a sunset and have no emotion towards it whatsoever.

Both of these kind of people think their lives are so pathetic that they make the people around them miserable and make them feel like their life is a waste. But you see? You life does have meaning and you can be thankful for what you have…if you just try. so just try, you’ll find that your life isn’t as so bad as before. now let’s go get some ice cream. =-)

Thanks for reading!


Alicia Dunk =)