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Busy bees

Hello everyone!

Yes, I’m very sorry it’s been such a long time. Like I’ve said before I’m a procrastinator, it’s in my DNA. But, i have been busy, it’s been a little crazy since school and basketball started. but one September 9-11 i went on a mini vacation. My mom, two sisters, my sister’s sister-in-law and mother in-law went to ocean city for the weekend. We stayed in the Spinnager hotel, it was pretty nice but it was sorta crammed having six women in one room with only two beds and a fold out couch.My mom paid for the room and it was a present to my sister Beca for her 21 birthday.

My mom’s birthday was on September 23, my sister had her 21st birthday on September 27th. We watched my niece Kylie while they went out for dinner. I began a basketball clinic in early september, wow can you believe it’s october! But anyway, I’ll be playing for the Force this year and i doubt we will win as many games as we did last year. (we are losing 4 of our best players) but maybe this is a change for me to step up and win some games! i just hope we have some fun and not fret about having to win or lose.

It’s been very wet and cold here in Maryland, (at least were i live.) This morning was bone chilling cold. A whole bunch of Bikers (people on motorcycles) went by our house today, i felt sorry for them because it was so cold outside!

Well have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Alicia Dunk =)




My name is Alicia Dunk. (Uh leash uh, like Alicia Keys) I’m a 12-year-old girl, (soon to be 13) I live in Maryland and I am home-schooled. I play on a swim team and a basketball team. I’m the youngest in my family and I have 2 older brothers and 2 older sisters. I decided to do a blog for 3 reasons.

1: I thought it would be fun doing a blog. =)

2: It’s something to do in the summer.

3: And just to annoy people with my thoughts. (ok, just kidding =)

But most people would think, “What does  a 12-year-old girl have to say that would be worth anything?” Well first of all I’m almost 13.  I like to think I have a pretty interesting life. Going to the grocery  store can be an adventure! =) kidding.  I just like to think I have a different view on the world than most people. And maybe (if you read my blog) you’ll like it.

Thanks for reading,


Alicia Dunk =)