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My brithday!!


     This morning I had to wake up at 6:00am and when I was in the bathroom getting ready for swim practice I actually realized it was my birthday! Another girl on my swim team had her birthday today and we both got a happy birthday sung to us. That was embarrassing…Anyway! Lots of swimming, at practice, when me and my mom got home I cleaned the kitchen and watched a movie.

     I decided to work out today so I can eat extra cake =) Just kidding. So here I am. going around the internet looking on all my accounts to see if I have a happy birthday card or something. Well I will post later about what I got and maybe with some funny pictures. Well happy birthday to me and everyone else who might have their birthday today (July 6th)

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Alicia Dunk =)



     This morning I checked my e-mail and I had a comment!! I also had 11 views total! I’m so excited. two more views and I’ll get my wish.

     One of the hardest thing in summer is trying to convince yourself your day wasn’t a complete waste.( At least for me, it might be easier for people who go to work everyday) Most kids love summer and doing nothing. Me, well I’m not most kids, I can’t sit around for hours not doing anything.

    One: My mom would get mad.

    Two: It’s just not possible for me.

     So everyday I get up, eat breakfast and then try to decide what to do. I decided that exercise can kill about 2 hours. So everyday I deiced I’m going to exercise.( Also i need to stay in shape for sports and I’m not skinny as a toothpick) Still there’s about 15 more hours to decide what to do with. So here I am…bored. My mom left for work about a half an hour ago and now it’s just me, my brother, and my 3 cats.

     Tomorrow is my birthday, I can’t wait. So now I’m left to clean the house by myself. Since my brother is pretty lazy. (no offense intended.) I can’t expect much help from him.

This morning I finished one of the best books I’ve ever read its called The Nick of Time by Tim Downs. And its a really great book. I urge you all to read it.

     Good news, all of the fleas are gone. *whew* And my cat Evie is fully recovered and no longer has rashes and is back to her normal self.

     Well there isn’t much to say because its only  2:00pm.

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Alicia Dunk =)

July 4th 2011


     Good news! I had 5 views today! I was sorta getting discouraged because I didn’t have that many views. But, these new 5 views makes my day. I had no Swim meet on Saturday but I went to go see the Green Lantern with my sister Beca for my birthday. It was an awesome movie. We got ice cream afterward. Which I pretty much got all over me. =) Maggie-moos is where we ate, they have some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had.

     Lately it has been loud in our neighborhood. You see we live out in the country and about a half an acre is between the houses so it’s not completely a neighborhood. Anyway, lots of fireworks have been going off. Especially at night, which is starting to get annoying.  I love Independence day and everything but, I’m just glad it’s almost over. =P

     Like I said earlier I went to go see the Green Lantern with my sister for my birthday. And another fun fact about me is that when I see a new movie and I really like it I usually look up the starring actor or actress. And for about the next month I’ll watch a ton of stuff that the actor or actress has been in. So I looked up Ryan Reynolds. (one of my fave actors.) And I found an old show he was in, called Two guys a girl and a pizza place. And its hilarious! Here’s the link to the first episode:

 I’m sorry it’s not the best picture ever but this was the best one I could find… and you’re welcome. =)

     My birthday is this Wednesday and I can’t wait! My mom let me open a small present today, it was a cross stitch kit. And for my birthday I was hoping since I’m turning the big 13, that I would have 13 or more views. It would mean so much to me. So if you guys could tell others and stuff that would be so great.

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Alicia Dunk =)

Bad day by 10:30?

Hi everyone!

     I’m trying to decide if this is a really bad day but it isn’t even lunchtime yet. 3 bad things have happened this morning and its only 10:30!

     1: when I got up my mom told me that our van’s battery died. My mom and my brother went to buy a new one which cost over $100.

     2: My dad works at Bechtel and they decided to move their company to another state! So either he has to commute forever to get to work or we have to move or something even worse.

     3: I let my cat Evie outside this morning with my cat Pepper. Evie is a mane-coon cat and she has a lot of fur and she doesn’t like being outside because she’s afraid of EVERYTHING and she gets too hot. So I let them outside and then I went to do something else. But I forgot they were outside, but I remembered about an hour later. I called outside for Evie and she jumped out of the bushes, my cat Pepper went crazy and she attacked Evie. She followed her inside and starting growling and wouldn’t stop. So now she is down here in our basement with me.

Yesterday we found a flea on my cat Evie, she had bites all over her and she had a rash on her stomach so we had to buy flea stuff. =( my poor baby. Here’s a tip on cat care, when you have 3 cats you can’t just treat one cat for fleas, you have to treat all three because the flea will jump to another cat.So we ended up buying $100 worth of flea and tic stuff. Yes, we could have bought something cheaper but we tried that once and one of our cats started running around and having seizures. (she’s ok though). So yeah its been a little crazy =) Today my mom has to leave for work around 12:00. So it’s just gonna be me and my brother. Hopefully nothing else bad or expensive will happen. Maybe you guys can comment on a really bad day you might have had once.

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Alicia Dunk ~ Below: My cat Evie. Above: My cat Pepper.


June 30, 2011

Good afternoon!

     Yesterday was my brother’s 17th birthday. We ha d a taco feast. my brother loves tacos he ate 19 once. I don’t know how you could eat that many in one day. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, lots of laughs, and screams from my niece.  This morning i didn’t have practice so I got to sleep in! My mother and I went on another walk this morning. Today’s topic: my birthday and my mother’s past anniversaries. We also were walking along when a suicide bomber bug smacked my mom in the face. It was pretty funny. 

     I can’t wait for my birthday, every time I walk into my mom and dad’s room there all my presents on top of their dresser. And I only know what one of them is. its driving me crazy! Do you know how when the days go by so fast but when you can’t wait for something they seem to go so slow? (Maybe it’s just me.) Today we get to eat Chinese food. The one thing you need to know about me is that I absolutely LOVE Chinese food. (And egg rolls =) This Saturday for my birthday me and my sister Beca are going to go see the Green Lantern and go get ice cream afterward. I’m excited! Well there isn’t much else to say. Oh, i want you to see this hilarious video here’s the link:

I know its long well the chinese is here bye!!

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Alicia Dunk =)

Wendsday, June 29, 2011

Hello again!

So this is my first time visiting my blog today and I got 3 views!!!!! I’m so excited!!! lol at least someone is reading my stuff. Or at least glancing at it. But that’s ok maybe I’ll get their attention. So today I went to my swim practice. I was burned out after practice we did two sets of the 100 meter freestyle (down and back down and back) and we did, 50 meter breaststroke, 50 meter backstroke, (Down and back) and we did about 20 flip turns. But anyway, today is my brother’s birthday. He is now 17. (even though he doesn’t act like it) Ok, well most of the time he’s fine and I’m happy to be his sister but sometimes he just drives me crazy. But I still love him =)

After we got home from practice my mom went into “people coming over” mode. (AKA “freak out mode”) She hates it when the house is messy or just a little messy when people are over. I had to clean, do dishes, find things, put stuff away etc. And when people are coming over she also starts getting cranky, especially when she has to cook. Sometimes she will snap at me for no reason. But we haven’t gotten to that stage yet. Anyway, my mom and I are watching my friend’s house/cats while they’re gone in  Chinkatink, VA. And today we found out that there was food in one of their trashcans and my mom opened it and all these fruit flies came out. It was DISGUSTING. Well I have to go get a shower and help my mom cook. Bye!

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Alicia Dunk =)

      Some people ask, Is there a god? i mean where did all this stuff come from? You don’t believe that we exploded from a tiny piece of dust, or evolved from apes. So what else is there? Some people think that God is a fat snobby guy sitting in a chair in heaven laughing at how us humans struggle with our life. If there was a good god, why is there so much evil? Why does he let these things happen to us? Well first of all, what is evil? It’s anything against God, Cheating, lying, stealing, sex, murder, porn etc. So if you want all that to go away, then you and i would go away also. Because we think evil stuff and we lie and cheat and have sex. But you see all good things come from god. He doesn’t tell you to smoke or steal this or look a porn. There’s a voice that tells you, just a little more, one more and that’s it. (AKA Satan) But once is never enough is it? But god sent his ONLY son to die on the cross for our sins. the sins we’ve made and the sins we are going to make and all paid for, by Jesus. For all you parents out there, would you give your daughter or son away to die for someone else? Would you give your family away to die for someone else? Doesn’t that alone show how much God loves us? God has so much grace and love for you (yes YOU) that you can’t even compare to anything. He hates it when we sin, but he still loves us. That doesn’t mean go out and sin all you want God will still love you. i like to say Don’t use God’s love as an excuse to do bad. These earthly pleasures (sex, objects, porn,) they don’t last for long. but God’s love last forever. And it doesn’t run out, his love is always there. How can the world be just out of chance? look at the trees, animals, oceans, people, the sky, all of it is so beautiful and complex, how could it have just exploded and been like that? There’s a god that created you and me not to mention the earth. So to me yes there is a God.
So ask for forgiveness from the guy upstairs, the guy who really matters. God. His arms are open wide, just go.


Hello again,

         So 3 days a week I have to get up a 6:00am for my swim practice and on Saturday I have to get up at 6:00am for my swim meet. I love swimming, but come on, its summer don’t kids have the right to sleep in? But, thankfully I got to sleep 3 extra hours today because I had no practice. YAY! My mom took my 16-year-old brother to drivers ed class.  He’s been going every day for the last week and a half.

        I find one of the hardest things to do in summer is finding something to do. I mean there’s only so many times you can watch TV, play a video game, or play on the computer without getting in trouble with your parents. And plus it gets old pretty fast, maybe it’s just me.  this morning I played a video game (Halo Reach, one of the best games EVER) then my mom got home. After looking EVERYWHERE for my blue iPod I checked my e-mail and then my mom and I went on a walk.

        We talk on our walks, today’s talk was about our “Dysfunctional” family. we aren’t the “normal” family. (I don’t think there really is one.) My sister got pregnant at the age of 17 before she was married. She got married 2 days before 7 pounds 7 ounces Kylie was born. I love my niece, she’s adorable and is now 2 years old. My sister and her husband are loving parents and they love each other. And my 23-year-old brother has been smoking and my dad told me he is now smoking tobacco. And did you know that one in every three people who use tobacco die? I love my brother he’s the best guy in the world but he just hangs around the wrong people. But I’m not saying that I’m in the worst family ever, there a lot of people out there who are in worse situations. But anyway, after our walk my mom went to go get my brother from drivers ed.

      I watched the mighty ducks (love that movie). Then my mom made me help clean the house because my 16-year-old brother is turning 17 this Wednesday. Which is tomorrow. The Wednesday after that is my birthday! I’m so excited. Birthday’s are a big thing in my family. Especially with presents, I bought my brother two bobble heads and a iTunes gift card, and to make it confusing, I put then in a jar and stuffed it with socks. so when my brother shakes it won’t make noise. (Pretty clever, huh?)

      Then I did laundry, cleaned my room and starting putting together a 1000 piece puzzle. Then I went on our computer and here I am writing. And the rest of the day…well the possibilities are endless. =) hope you enjoyed my BORING day.

Thanks for reading,


Alicia Dunk


My name is Alicia Dunk. (Uh leash uh, like Alicia Keys) I’m a 12-year-old girl, (soon to be 13) I live in Maryland and I am home-schooled. I play on a swim team and a basketball team. I’m the youngest in my family and I have 2 older brothers and 2 older sisters. I decided to do a blog for 3 reasons.

1: I thought it would be fun doing a blog. =)

2: It’s something to do in the summer.

3: And just to annoy people with my thoughts. (ok, just kidding =)

But most people would think, “What does  a 12-year-old girl have to say that would be worth anything?” Well first of all I’m almost 13.  I like to think I have a pretty interesting life. Going to the grocery  store can be an adventure! =) kidding.  I just like to think I have a different view on the world than most people. And maybe (if you read my blog) you’ll like it.

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Alicia Dunk =)